Reciprocating compressors 611 RPM

Reciprocating compressors

These type of compressors are belt driven, single block of 2 or 3 cylinders arranged in a W shape, up to 5 compression stages, single or double effect.
They have rotary speed of 611 revs per minute, and they are absolutely OIL FREE, with installed power form 55 kW up to 160 kW (in standard type). Should highly significant hourly capacity be required, our designer will be able to satisfy every need by designing a tailor-made compressor. This type of unities are recommended for uses requiring an input pressure range of between 1 and 50 Bar and an output pressure that can be set from between 180 and 250 Bar. Depending on the input pressure, hourly capacity of 1800 Scm/h can be reached.