Officine Meccaniche Ruzza S.r.l.
Over 50 years of experience "Made in Italy" Officine Ruzza

From more than 50 years we work in CNG field, building private and public CNG filling stations, hydraulic and reciprocating CNG compressors, CNG storages and chilling systems. We usually describe us like a tailor shop, because our know-how permit us to give solutions completely customized to our customers.

Reciprocating compressors

Our single or double effect, oil-free reciprocating compressors can have from 2 to 5 compression stages.

Hydraulic compressors (Boosters)

For over 30 years we have been producing two-stage and single-stage hydraulic compressors.

Mobile compressors

We design and manufacture self-powered mobile compressors that can be mounted on trailers for supplying remote areas.

Biogas and Technical gases compressors

We design and manufacture Biogas and Technical gases compressors (also for breathable gases).

CNG Storages

It's possible to obtain cylinder bundles with up to 56 cylinders (maximum storage capacity 4.480 lt.).

Our achievements in the area

Our presence, in addition to Italy, it's worldwide extended, from Canada to India; with more than 8.000.000 working hours, our compressors will ensure you the best user experience on the market.

Officine Meccaniche Ruzza S.r.l.
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