Officine Meccaniche Ruzza S.r.l.

Hydraulic compressors

Our flagship compressor! Our aim has always been to stand out in terms of researching innovative solutions so that we can meet the needs of our customers with increasing precision.
For over 50 years we have been producing two-stage and single-stage hydraulic boosters. TWO-STAGE boosters are recommended for suction from the pipeline (40, 50, 60 Bar) as well as for emptying CNG trailers and DAUGHTER STATIONS applications.

SINGLE-STAGE boosters, on the other hand, are recommended for emptying CNG trailers and as a bundle booster for our reciprocating compressors. The standard two-stage solutions foresee an installed power of between 22 and 45 kW with a variable hourly flow rate of between 300 Scm/h and 4550 Scm/h.
Lower powers can be installed on the single-stage boosters according to the customer's needs.

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