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Mobile Refill Units

This type of compressors has been specifically designed for use in remote areas (where gas and/or electrical supply is not available), allowing for timely refueling through the use of trailers and mobile refilling units.

These units are completely self-contained and require nothing else; they come equipped with auxiliary power supply, compressed air, and closed-loop cooling. They also feature an onboard dispensing and control system. They can be used with suction conditions ranging from 30 to 250 bar, with a maximum discharge pressure of 250 bar. Flow rates vary depending on the installed power but can reach up to 2500 Scm/h.

They can be installed either at the rear of a trailer (virtual pipeline) or on the ground for temporary needs.

The mobile refilling unit can be powered either by an electric motor or by an endothermic engine fueled by natural gas.

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